Save God’s Kids is a youth-driven movement to empower the spirit in a generation of kids by enabling them to live healthy and serve strong. 



"We're educating the world on the power of God's nourishing foods."

Father Robert Kinnally
Pastor St. Aloysius Church
Chancellor Diocese of Bridgeport
Sacred Heart University Board of Trustees


Caring for one is love. Caring for many is nursing.

Save God's Kids has empowered me to do just that with my life.

- Claire

Our faith is proof that a small group of passionate people can change the world.
Save God’s Kids has enabled me to witness the power of the Holy Spirit
through the amazing teens and adults who have joined this movement.

- Nancy

Save God’s Kids not only provides children with sufficient food to live but it is a movement
against the presence of unhealthy processed foods which plague children all around the world.
I hope that in the process, Save God’s Kids is able to both provide children with healthy foods and influence
communities around the globe. It is critical that our children get the best quality nourishment, not the cheapest.

- Mark

Save God’s Kids has opened my eyes and empowered me to make healthy choices
for what to eat. I’ve also learned and have come to believe that what I eat
has a direct impact on my spiritual life. I hope to inspire kids like me to also
GoBrite because no person should have to be subjected to harmful diets
or unhealthy habits that will limit their full potential.


Proper children’s nutrition is critical to raising a generation of people
who will be the change-makers our world needs to unite as a healthy
and strong society.

- Justine

Save God’s Kids presents a unique opportunity to make an impact
on the youth of America and better the lives of children across the country
through nutrition and healthy living.


Save God’s Kids works with all people to help every child achieve
their potential for the best life possible. Eating healthy as a child not only
positively changes the lives of that generation but generations to come!


The potential of children is limitless when you give them the nourishment to succeed.
Give them the power to believe they are capable of anything and they will give you back
the world.


Save God’s Kids shines a light on the issue of child malnutrition
that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Physical and Spiritual Nourishment For Your Family

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We Make Learning Fun

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A Guide to Spiritual Nutrition

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A Simple Health and Nutrition Guide

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Nourishing the Young Spirit

I'm God's Kid!

Your children are a gift from God, and therefore, they should be raised in His image. Because God has a plan for each of us, we need to grow up healthy, and that means eating lots of His "BRITE" colored foods.

As one of God's kids, I know it won’t always be easy, so we’ve created some fun learning tools and products to help get your kids engaged.


Claire Leville

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