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“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow me.”  Luke 9:23


Save God’s Kids is a faith-based family nutrition solution offered by Global Children’s Wellness, Inc., a 501c3 public foundation that was created by Nancy Leville (19), her sister Claire (16), and friends Justine Jorgensen (19), Natalie Rau (16) and Emma Dahill (17).

Together they have developed America’s only 100% research-based, personalized wellness solution that is based entirely on God’s five GoBrite colors of food and the miraculous phytonutrients they contain.

Save God’s Kids will partner with church youth groups across America to create a movement to nourish all of God’s kids so they can live healthy and serve strong.



Nancy’s Story:  It Began With an Apple

My journey to develop Save God’s Kids began when I was unable to find a piece of fruit to buy while walking to Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, N.Y..  As I exited my third bodega (deli) empty handed, my dad told me I was in a food desert, that’s a place, usually urban, where healthy food is hard to find. 

The following week, I decided to write my junior term paper on food deserts and hunger in America. I soon discovered that it’s not just kids living in low-income areas who are starving for the nutrients they need to live healthy, but 83% of all kids in America.  So I developed a simple nutrition program called GoBrite, which is based on the five colors of food God created on Day 3 of creation. (Genesis 1: 11-13)  I then wrote a book called GoBrite for Life to make all of the amazing research I had discovered available to parents.  Then, along with my sister Claire, we developed the I’m a Brite Kid Activity Book.

Sept 8 PicAt that point, I contacted the One World Literacy Foundation and the Magic Johnson Foundation.  Together, we introduced the GoBrite program to the NYC Public School System on September 8, 2014—World Literacy Day.  Based on their amazing response, we formed a foundation: Global Children’s Wellness, Inc.

However, about a month later, I attended a weekend Emmaus at my church where I heard a song called “Do Something.” That’s when I felt God calling me into service.  I immediately turned to my sister Claire and friends Justine, Natalie and Emma to help transform all of the GoBrite programs into a Christian solution that we decided to call Save God’s Kids.  Now we are strategically aligned with Catholic churches and major Catholic and Christian media organizations that reach over 200MM of God’s kids.