Our Vision

To end child malnutrition in America.

No child of God should grow up starving for the nutrients their young bodies need to live their healthiest and do their best in school. Our vision is a world where parents have the nutritional education and motivation they need to properly nourish their children. For those who do not have the means, we will financially support organizations that can provide the healthy foods lacking in their diet.

“A child’s health should NOT be determined by a zip code.” Nancy Leville


Our Mission

Save God’s Kids is a youth-driven movement to educate the world on the power of God’s “brite” nourishing foods, and to help provide those foods when needed, so all kids can live a full and healthy life. 

The world’s most serious problems cannot be solved unless people come to the realization that we all have a responsibility to do more for others, and we come together to solve the problem.  Save God’s Kids has determined that child malnutrition must be eradicated so kids can live a full and healthy life.

In order to achieve our mission, we will establish Save God’s Kids Youth Communities in towns across America.  These interdenominational groups will bring teens and adults closer together under a common cause. Together, they will become part of the education process to kids in churches, schools and clubs, who in turn will carry the message home to their parents. This “youth-driven” approach to change will also help bring awareness to the crisis, which is the first step in families adopting the changes that are needed. 

As educating families on the powers of God’s brite nourishing foods is our primary strategy to ending child malnutrition, Save God’s Kids has invested over two-years developing the GoBrite Nutrition Plan, America’s only 100% research-based, personalized nutrition solution that’s based entirely on God’s five colors of food and the miraculous phytonutrients they contain.

However, nutrition education doesn’t mean much to a family that can’t afford to buy healthy food, or don’t have access because they live in a food desert. Therefore, we requiring a donation from people who want to download our GoBrite Plan.  In stores like Whole Foods, certain assets of the program sold for for $19.95. In total, the plans being made available have a market value of nearly $100.00, but we’re only asking for a donation.  Any donation, because we need to support organizations that bring healthy food to families in need.