Our GoBrite Programs

The GoBrite Nutrition Plan was developed by Co-Founders, Nancy and Claire Leville, as a way to provide parents and kids alike a simple way of remembering God's five GoBrite colors of food every kid needs. Once the science was in place, Nancy, Claire and a team of nutrition experts went about developing all the programs required to make nourishing kids fun and easy.

Save God's Kids is the nation's first 100% researched-based, personalized nutrition solution for families.  Our easy to follow GoBrite Nutrition Program is based entirely on God's nourishing foods and the five BRITE colors of phytonutrients they contain.

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Save God’s Kids:

This comprehensive health and nutrition guide will provide loving parents the Motivation, Education, Direction and Support they need to raise healthier kids. America’s new M.E.D.S.

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I’m God’s Kid Activity Book:

Learning made fun for parents and kids.

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GoBrite for Life Fast Start:

 A basic nutrition overview and simple plan to get started with the Four Pillars of a GoBrite Diet.

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GoBrite Food Glossary: Knowing your fruits and vegetables is the first step to a GoBrite life.  This complete guide introduces each item and the health benefits it provides..

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Simple Guide to Smoothies and Juicing: Smoothies and juices are at the core of a healthy GoBrite lifestyle. This simple guide will provide the education you need to juice your way to great health.

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For adults living with chronic conditions we developed a series of condition-specific nutrition plans that target weight loss, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, allergies, migraines and arthritis.  The nutritional principles in these programs were tested over a three year period in major corporations where thousands of happy employees had miraculous results.

The Resources You Need As A Loving Parent.