“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10


The Health Crisis: A Generation at Stake

“This is the heaviest and sickest generation of kids in our nation’s history.  Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity, we have the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”  Former US Surgeon General Richard Carmona

This is the unhealthiest generation of kids in America’s history. (CDC) While nearly half the kids today are already taking a prescription medication for a nutrition-related condition such as allergies, asthma and ADHD, kids as young as eight are developing adult conditions like high cholesterol, hypertension and even type 2 diabetes.  

The America Pediatric Association predicts 23% of kids between 12-18 are already prediabetic or worse.  They predict 36% of whites, 45% of Hispanics and 54% of black kids in America will develop type diabetes before they turn forty.  These kids will live fourteen fewer years, and have twenty fewer years of quality life.

Our nation must come together to address this issue before it is too late.  Public policies must be enacted to thwart the growth of these chronic conditions so kids can experience a full and healthy life.


The Cause: America’s Kids are Overfed yet Undernourished.

That’s right.  Despite all of our overeating as a society, 83% of kids (6 out of 7) are starving for the vital nutrients they need to live healthy and do their best in school.  This condition is known as Hidden Hunger, or micronutrient deficiency.  It’s when loving parents look at their kids and believe they’re properly nourished simply because they’re fed. 

“A staggering two-thirds of our diet comes from fast and processed foods that are loaded with sodium, sugar, man made oils, chemicals, fat and calories- WHILE OFFERING NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE. However, these foods do more than just offer no nutrients, they make your kids sick and slow in school. What’s most disturbing is that these food companies KNOW they are harming your kids, yet they target your kids, and you, with thousands of false ads every day. “Moms are manipulated into buying their kids unhealthy food,“ says a 2014 University of Connecticut study.

Public policy should be enacted to stop the advertising of these foods to kids, just like cigarettes, as they are every bit as harmful. Global Children’s Wellness will lead this effort.


The Cure: God’s Five GoBrite Colors of Food

“Phytonutrients are the future of medicine. I don’t think there’s been this much excitement since vitamins were discovered.” Beverly Clevidence, Ph.D., the research leader at the USDA-funded Food Components and Health Laboratory in Beltsville, Md.

Yes, it’s that simple.  For years, researchers have known that fruits and vegetables contain elements called phytonutrients. These elements give foods their color and flavor. However, just recently, indisputable research has shown that these elements have the ability to both prevent and reverse most chronic illnesses. Consuming a variety of these five colors of foods everyday will enable kids to live healthy and achieve their full potential.

The GoBrite Nutrition Plan is the only 100% research-based solution in America that is based on the five colors of food and the phytonutrients ALL kids need; big and small, young and old. 


Click here to download the Save God’s Kids GoBrite Programs: http://savegodskids.org/resource-library/


The Spiritual Crisis: 

“70% of kids have stopped believing in God by the time they graduate high school, 50% of them by the age of  fifteen, 23% by the age of ten.  This is nothing less than a crisis in faith.”  Catholic News Agency 12/16/16 


Only You Can Save God’s Kids!

Dear Mom’s and Dad’s, 

In 1 Corinthians 6:19 (NIV) it reads, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” 

America’s kids are both physically and spiritually malnourished. How are we to serve God and fulfill the plan He has for us if we’re too overweight or sick?  Or, if we’re not going church on a regular basis, or serving those in need.  

Society is having a tremendous impact on kids today. You have fallen victim to the lies of a processed food company that wants you to believe that, “Frosted Flakes are part of a healthy breakfast.”  They’re nothing but processed corn, sugar and a bunch of chemicals.  

Nancy and I were taught at an early age that one of the most loving words a parent can say to their child is “NO.”

Please, take a stand on behalf of your child’s future and say NO to the processed and fast food companies that want your kids addicted to their harmful foods for the rest of their life. Then, get them involved in our movement.  Believe me, I have seen Jesus by looking into the eyes of person receiving one of our “Brite Boxes” of healthy fruits and vegetables.   

With Love and Respect,

Claire Leville

Co-Executive Director