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“Two-thirds of our health is determined not by the medical care we receive, but by our eating behavior and health habits.”

The Institute of Medicine


Phytonutrients are the future of medicine. I don't think there's been this much excitement since vitamins were discovered

Beverly Clevidence, PhD, the research leader at the USDA-funded Food Components and Health Laboratory in Beltsville, Md.


"What a child eats the first twelve years of their life will have a greater impact on their developing cancer than what they eat the next thirty years."

" Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Disease Proof Your Child


What Kind of Student Do You Want Your Child to Be?


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.On day 3 of creation, God gave us the BRITE colorful foods we need to live healthy, active and smart.  You're just not making your kids eat enough of them.  It's time for a little tough love!

Indisputable research shows that the PHYTOnutrients, which are only found in God's BRITE colorful foods, will help:

1. Boost your child's immune system so they don't catch as many colds or have allergies

2. Keep their cholesterol and blood pressure levels down

3. Repair cell and DNA damage caused by all the toxins in the world

4. Prevent cancer cells from developing later in life

5. Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

6. Regulate their blood sugar levels so they don't develop type 2 diabetes

7. Give them the energy they need to be their best at sports

8. And... make them smarter in school (14% on average)



I just had my annual physical and the results were great. Last January, I weighed 303 and my total cholesterol was 243. This year, I weigh 222 (75lbs) and my cholesterol is 150.  Shaun H.




"GoBrite is truly a wonderful solution with a powerful "Keep it Simple" approach that makes it such a great primer for helping parents know where to start with their kids. "  

Neil Neimark, MD


GoBrite Will Enable Your Kids to Live HEALTHY, ACTIVE AND SMART....

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